Roland's Friends

Here are a few interesting pages some of my friends maintain.

Kenneth Kay
My brother-in-law's GIS and remote sensing blog showcases his expertise in satellite mapping. GIS stands for geographic information systems -- the intersection of geography, satellite imaging, and information technology.

Julian Nott
Julian lived a few blocks from me in New York City. His pioneering achievements include the famous Nazca prehistoric balloon flight and an AX-12 and AX-13 class altitude record flight to 55,134 feet.

Phil MacNutt
Phil is an experimental ballonist and videographer from Austin, Texas. After completing three hot air balloons and taking one of them to 32,000 feet, he built a Helium/Ammonia gas balloon.

Antonin Lacroix
My cousin Antonin is an avid Land Rover driver in Lyon, France. His website, Le Panda Rouge, provides a wealth of Land Rover-related information, news and pictures.

Jon "Rat" Radowski
Jon is one of the younger experimental balloonists. His website features nice pictures of his trash-can ultralight balloon and other projects.

Michael Bölling
Michael is an aeronautical engineering student at the University of Stuttgart in Germany and also works for CargoLifter, a company which is hoping to build a giant rigid airship for carrying large cargo.

Matt Jalbert
Matt was my roommate in the NYU dorm where I stayed during the hot summer of 1995 while working for AFS Intercultural Programs. His website, which is named Exuberance, deals with the contemporary American landscape in photographs and essays.

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