Roland's Cloudhopper

In April 1999, I posted a "Cloudhopper Wanted" message to the balloon classifieds page. A few weeks later, a balloonist in South Carolina sold me an old Colt Cloudhopper. This was apparently the balloon that Coy Foster had flown to set multiple AX-2 world records in the early 1980's.

[Inflation] [Inflation] [Inflation]
Lifting off A little higher Formation flying
Pictures from Post Mills, Vermont (May 2001)

Even though the Cloudhopper's volume of 14,000 cu ft (400 m3) is very small, it flies beautifully. Construction of a larger 31,000 cu ft (900 m3) envelope is in the planning stages.

Visit both and for more information on Cloudhopper one man balloons.

Airships and blimps were my first passion, before I discovered Cloudhoppers. The Airship Resources website was my first contribution to the Web and is still online today.

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